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"For over 20 years, Jeff has helped people discover their goals and achieve their vision. He is an optimistic leader and a captivating keynote speaker."

Jeff.Burrows.casualJeff Burrows is the author/narrator of the highly acclaimed The Entrepreneur’s Success Code® leadership series. He is the leading authority in helping successful leaders improve by tapping their Inner CEO, COO and CMO: for themselves, their people and their teams.

For more than 25 years Jeff has helped people discover their vision and achieve their goals. His optimistic leadership style makes him a captivating keynote speaker. Jeff is an internationally known executive coach and his cutting-edge programs have guided owners of small businesses with sales of $500,000 to over $5 million and mid-size companies of $10 million to over $100 million – all with his unique blend of passion, vision, action and spirit.

Jeff has been an entrepreneur all his life, with successful careers in the investment banking world, business radio and television. He understands the personal price that is often paid by running a winning company.

To schedule a speaking event with Jeff, contact:

Bobi Seredich
EQ Inspirations, LLC
PO Box 45289
Phoenix, AZ 85064
Tap: 602-703-9600
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