Jeff Burrows

For more than 25 years Jeff has helped people discover their vision and achieve their goals.

My mission is to help you identify your life purpose and then orchestrate the business to serve your life while achieving the Strategic Objective of the Company. I am committed to helping you expand your life and your business. You will Become the CEO of your Life!

I will help you:
  • Identify your Life Purpose
  • Learn how to develop your potential with intention
  • Create your Personal Objectives and the business' Strategic Objective for success
  • Affirm leadership (vision), management (operations), and culture (people) are aligned
  • Assess the management teams strengths and areas for development opportunity
  • Evaluate current organizational structure and team dynamics
  • Affirm the strategic organizational plan is formulated for the company’s growth agenda
  • Evaluate communication styles, accountability and overall effectiveness of team
  • Fully activate your culture and align employees with your company’s core values
  • Learn the ART of people management
  • Build, sustain, and retain extraordinary teams
  • Make change happen, place your plan in motion, and guide you through the implementation.
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Jeff Burrows coaches and inspires corporate leaders, business owners and managers to discover their life purpose, reach their potential, document/share their vision, create management operating systems, and equip organizations to cascade mission, culture, and performance requirements company-wide.

Jeff Burrows wrote “The Entrepreneur’s Success Code® – How to Build a High Performance Business and Have a Life.” As one of the most gifted and successful executive coaches in the country, he understands the needs of small businesses from the perspective of both owners and managers.

For more than 25 years Jeff has helped others in their journey to master the art of integrating life and business while Becoming the CEO of their Life! ™ By creating a safe and comfortable environment, Jeff pushes leaders to go beyond the knowledge, skills, and habits of what’s holding them back, and equips them with practical tools so that they can activate people to do great things. He accomplishes this through his extraordinary volume of leadership wisdom and questions that pierce to the heart of his client’s leadership challenges.
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