About Jeff Burrows

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Jeff.Burrows.outlined xparent bkgrdJeff Burrows, author of The Entrepreneur’s Success Code®, grew up the son of a corporate executive turned entrepreneur. Jeff witnessed his father successfully move through the entrepreneurial evolution. A shadow by his father’s side, Jeff learned leadership, management and marketing principles from one of the world’s most recognized brands, Budweiser.

Jeff’s father suffered a stroke at the very pinnacle of his entrepreneurial evolution that left him disabled. The plan to work side by side as father and son, building the distributor business, and leave a legacy quickly began to fade. It was decided it was in both the family’s best interest and the company’s best interests to sell the business rather than have Jeff take over at the young age of 22. During the process of selling the business, Jeff and his family received advice from investment, legal and accounting professionals. Jeff quickly felt a connection to all the consulting advice he received. This spawned his consultative financial planning career.

In 1993, Jeff’s father passed away. It was his father’s passing that moved him to walk away from a 15-year investment financial planning career to pursue a personal adventure. Jeff began reflecting on and learning his own life lessons about becoming an entrepreneur while studying man's potential to create balance for life and work. In 1995 he read a profound book and encountered the famous E-Myth coaching methodology. He embraced the philosophy and started on a unique new path; as teacher/coach to business owners.

Jeff started Thunderlight Resources, a life/business coaching company, from his home office. He did this with the commitment of helping entrepreneurs wrestle and pin the question of what the entrepreneur’s company could become and, more importantly, who they themselves could become. The result of that tireless effort was the creation of The Entrepreneur’s Success Code® and JeffBurrows.com.

Today, he coaches people proven leadership, management, culture, team development, and accountability processes. In addition, he usually holds an advisory board position overseeing strategic direction, individual and organizational accountability and financial performance. A monthly fee with a success fee for value creation is typical. Jeff makes himself available with unprecedented candor and accessibility providing today’s business leaders with a way to think more clearly about how to lead better, live better, and feel better.